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Overview of Sighting Claims on Map

Where is Flight MH370? << Click for enlarged map with menu


Overview of Sighting Claims
Sighting Claims | See google map
Note: none of the sighting claims is substantiated by authorities

March 8 2014, 1:30








Sighting Claim:"Pada 8/03/2014 Jam lebihkurang 0130HRS saya bersama kawan saya nama panggilan "Pader Rohim" semasa sedang memancing di Kuala Besar, Badang telah ternampak lampu sebuah pesawat melalui lokasi kami, lampu tersebut adalah dari sebuah kapal terbang saya merasa hairan kerana pesawat tersebut terbang agak rendah dari kebiasaan pesawat lain yang saya selalu nampak sebelum ini. Pesawat tersebut kelihatan terbang dibawah awan dari arah laluan keluar negara. Selepas balik rumah pada siang hari saya dapat tahu ada satu kapal terbang dari syarikat MAS telah hilang. Sekian laporan saya." Source: | Copy Police Report:

Translation: On 8/03/2014 Time 0130HRS be about me with my friend's nickname" Pader Rohim "while fishing in Kuala Besar, Grabber has noticed the lights of an aircraft through our location, lighting is from a plane I was puzzled because the aircraft a bit low from the norm of other aircraft I always saw before. airplane seems to fly under the cloud of the passage out of the country. Upon return home during the day I learned that there is a plane from the MAS has been lost. Yours is my report. "

March 8 2014, 1:30


Sighting claim: Kota Bharu, Malaysia - two fishermen near the Malaysia-Thailand border saw a plane flying low over the South China Sea -- at the same time that air traffic controllers lost contact with Flight 370 over the same body of water, at 1:30 a.m. or almost 50 minutes after takeoff. CNN

March 8 2014



MISSING MH370: Pilot: I established contact with plane - A BOEING 777 pilot, who was flying 30 minutes ahead of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft, said he established contact with MH370 minutes after he was asked to do so by  Vietnamese air traffic control.
New Sunday Times @ Facebook | New Straits Times | StraitTimes
March 8 2014, 1:45 a.m. Kampung Kadok, Ketereh - Businessman claims he saw a bright white light descending at high speed towards the South China Sea early Saturday morning (march 8 2914). The sighting was made at 1.45am by Alif Fathi Abdul Hadi, 29, from the compound of his house in Kampung Kadok, Ketereh. NewStraitsTimes | wn.com | More
March 8 2014,
1:30 & 1:45 a.m.

Two Men Claim to Have Seen Plane Plunging into Sea - about 14.4 km (8.9 miles) from Kuala Besar in Pantai Cahaya Bulan & About 30 km (18.6 miles) away from Kota Baru - ibt
March 8 2014 10:30 a.m. Sighting Claim: Eight villagers here lodged police reports today claiming that they had heard a loud noise last Saturday coming from the direction of Pulau Kapas.- New Straits Times | Bernama

March 8 2014

Sighting claim: Oil rigworker off Vietnam - businessinsider.com | tuoitrenews.com | Article related to oilrig claim | Copy Police Report:

March 8 2014 06.15 a.m.


Sighting claim: Kudahuvadhoo, Dhaalu-atol, Central Province, Maldives - Residents of the remote island of Maldives Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll have reported seeing a "low flying jumbo jet" with red stripes across it, traveling North to South-East, towards the Southern tip of the Maldives around 06:15 a.m. Haveeru Online | Read more | maledivesfinest

* March 8 2014 8:30 a.m.
(2.30pm Malaysian time)


Sighting claim: from passenger Raja Dalelah Raja Latife of flight SV2058 flying over Indian Ocean between Jeddah and Kuala Lumpur, The last city on the land mass showed Chennai when she saw a silvery object that looked like the tail and wing of an aircraft on the water. The aircraft had what looked like floats on its side but a large part of it was under water. it was about 9.30am (2.30pm Malaysian time). She lodged 2 police reports. TheStar


* March 8, 2014


Sighting Claim: I think I saw Flight MH370 - Sailoress crossing the Indian Ocean from Cochin, India to Phuket, Thailand, saw a burning plane with a trail of black smoke behind it going North to South at approx the last part of her track Source | Cruisersforum discussion | Details
March 9 2014, 11 a.m.

Sighting claim: Off Indonesia coast - Mike McKay, a worker on the "Songa Mercur" drilling platform, said that he "observed the plane burning at high altitude in one piece" about 50-70 KM from his location. CNN
* March 11 2014, 12 p.m.

Sighting Claim: A group of fishermen found a life raft bearing the word “Boarding” 10 nautical miles from Port Dickson town at 12pm - New Straits Times
(Currents Port Dickson) | News.asiaone.com | FreeMalaysiaToday.com
. March 11+13 2014

Victim's sister received missed calls on March 11 and March 13 from her younger brother via Skype on her iPad after the aircraft went missing on March 8 TheStar | us.nasional.news.viva.co.id | Translation
* March 12 2014, 10 a.m. Fishermen Find Bodies in the waterway - Batu Bara, North Sumatra on March 12 2014 The unidentified e body has been in the ocean for 2 days. Its a male body wearing shirts, blue jeans and no shoes. It's not a fisherman. Its unclear if he's related to the missing plane. (News DeTik)

March 12 2014




Australian man claims he might have spotted MH370 in the Bali Sea when travelling on flight Virgin Australia VA4153 on March 12 - An Australian man, Antonio Bongiovanni , claims he might have spotted the missing Malaysia Airlnes MH370 flight sinking in the Indian Ocean, south of Bali, when travelling on flight Virgin Australia VA4153 on March 12. While travelling from Melbourne to Bali, he noticed what appeared like a "white shadow of a plane". "Just flying low towards Denpasar, I noticed a large white object under the water which appeared to me as a white shadow of a plane. When Bongiovanni saw the possible plane shadow in the water, the VA 4153 was flying at a ground speed of 470 km/h at an altitude of 1572 meters. I quickly snapped a pic of the location on my iPhone".IBTimes

March 12 2014





According to the testimony of 6 Swiss Citizens making a cruise between Perth and Singapore via Jakarta, the following evidences were spotted on March 12 while approaching the Sunda Strait:
1430LT - latitude 6°, longitude 105°, speed 17,7 knots:
life jacket, food trays, papers, pieces of polystyrene, wallets,
1500LT: a huge white piece of 6 meters long to 2,5 meters wide with other debris,
1530LT: two masts one meter long with small flags on top, red and blue,
2030LT - latitude 5°, longitude 107°, speed 20,2 knots.
This testimony has been submitted to the Chinese Authorities by these 6 Swiss Citizens without any feedback until today. However, they have been in touch with the Australian Authorities. - B3A (Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives)

. March 15 2014

Daughter of a passenger on missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 said she had received an unanswered phone call from her father, a Chinese expert has said this is not solid evidence that it was the passenger who made the call. (WantChinaTimes)

* March 16 2014








Debris found at Straits of Malacca Elka Athina, a barge heading to Suez was alerted by Indonesian authorities over radio, warning them that they were ‘approaching a field of debris' (floating suitcases), the tanker had sailed passed the debris field at about 9.30pm March 16 2014 (Malaysia Time) + A twitter user, Richard Barrow, posted a satellite image of ‘a potential crash site' and ‘possible floating seats' on the surface of the ocean at coordinate 5°39'08.0"N 98°50'38.0"E.
(New Straits Times)
The Greek tanker ELKA Athina detected some suspicious objects yesterday - grrepoter.info
Greek ship received message objects from Boeing lost at sea - iefimerda.gr (translation)
What did the second officer of «ELKA Athina» in iefimerida do on the alert for objects from Boeing in water - iefimerda.gr (translation) |
Listen to the second officer of ELKA Athina (in Greek)
Track Elka Athina | Elka Athina
March 17 2014 The Greek ELKA Athina could not find traces of the fatal flight MH370 grreporter.info | iefimerda.gr

March 18 2014, 8:49 p.m



Claim: Passenger of MH370 "Philip Wood" sents message + photo from hidden iPhone tracing back to secret U.S. military base Diego Garcia' claimimg MH370 was Hijacked (message: I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.)
Article | Source | Message+Photo Source
March 24 2014

Unknown object found in Baarah in Haa Alif Atoll of the Maldives is "very likely" to be a fire suppression bottle from an aircraft, local aviation experts said on Wednesday March 26. Haveeru Online | * Read more
April 27 2014 Pilot believes to have found MH370, West of Songkhla, Thailand Read more
* April 28 2014 Exploration company GeoResonance believes it may have found MH370 in the Bay of Bengal Source | * Read more
* May 29 2014

Serial number (AN-210-6A) of ‘aircraft part' (an Aircraft Cable Pulley Airplane Control AN-210-6A Phenolic) recovered in seas off Sri Lanka's Aluthgama coast Newsfirst.Ik | * Read more
* Wednesday 4 June 2014

Curtin researchers in search for acoustic evidence of MH370
MEDIA RELEASE - Curtin University researchers have used underwater sound recordings to come up with a possible estimate for where MH370 might have crashed into the Indian Ocean. news.curtin.edu.au | * read more

  Tides—Currents.—The flood sets E on the N coast of
Sumatera and the ebb W, rarely exceeding 2 knots at springs.
3.1 At neaps, they are sometimes imperceptible, except at the
points or over banks and narrow channels.
3.1 The currents are affected by the constant current out of the
Strait of Malacca, which takes a W direction along the N coast
through Sempitan Malaka (Malacca Passage). The currents
pass through Selat Benggala (Bengal Passage); for the greater
part of the year the ebb current is longer and stronger than the
flood current.
* Looking into Northern Indian Ocean Possibilities based on Sightings and Findings

Note: All claims that were posted on NewStraitsTimes (nst.com.my) have been removed from their website for unknown reasons, but the headlines do still show up on google search results (Copy the headline to google search and click search) or paste the links to the WayBackMachine (internet archives) search area to view the full articles. Copies from the waybackmachine are attached to the above articles as pdf.
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MISSING MH370: Phone number is a US number, not China (New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Fishermen find life raft near PD (New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Loud noise reported, believed linked to missing plane (New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Man claims possible sighting of airliner (New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Debris found at Straits of Malacca (New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Kelantan police received 4 reports on plane sighting (New Straits Times)
MISSING MH370: Terengganu police receive report on explosion in Marang (New Straits Times)
MH370 girlfriend talks of claims that plane was followed by fighter jets (NewsViewsComment


Video's   Description
  Witness of The Missing Jetliner MH370 Malaysian Airways
Published: March 12 2014 (Youtube | Sugeng Wahyudi)

Description: Several eyewitness reported of sightings flights MH370 after plane last recorded on Air Traffic Control at 1.30 a.m. Some villagers from the Marang area heard the loud noise sound like fan of the aircraft and blinking lights coming from direction of Pulau Kapas on saturday night same time of the missing plane. Bus driver said he saw a low-flying plane at Penarik at about 1.45am the same time flight MH370 went missing, he saw the blinking beacon of the plane. A local businessman saw sighting of lights in the air at Kota Bharu about 1.45 a.m same night flight MH370 went missing.


Video link


March 8 2014: Sighting claim: Kota Bharu, Malaysia | Video link
In the middle of the night, two fishermen near the Malaysia-Thailand border saw a plane flying low over the South China Sea -- at the same time that air traffic controllers lost contact with Flight 370 over the same body of water, at 1:30 a.m. or almost 50 minutes after takeoff.
Fisherman Azid Ibrahim and a friend had taken people fishing that night off the coast of Kota Bharu.
"I was fishing when I saw the plane -- it looked strange. Flying low. I told my friend that's not normal. Normally, it flies at 35,000 feet. But that night it touched the clouds. I thought the pilot must be crazy," Ibrahim said.
"It was really low. I saw the lights they looked like the size of a coconut," he said.
Their fishing grounds lay under a flight path, but the predawn plane was unusual to see because of its low altitude, they said.
The fishermen filed a police report about their sighting, but Malaysian officials haven't commented.
































  Published on Mar 18, 2014 | Youtube
Satellite image apparently showing white-painted plane among jungle is posted on website which lets ordinary people help solve the Malaysian Airlines mystery
Image from map search site appears to show the missing passenger plane
It was reportedly discovered by a Taiwanese university student
The authenticity of the photo has not yet been verified
News comes as villagers report seeing flight at low altitude
A satellite image appears to show the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in the skies above a jungle.
The image is taken from Tomnod, the map search website currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people in an attempt to search for missing passenger plane, was posted on Reddit on Sunday.
The authenticity of the photo has not yet been verified and the region depicted in the photo is as yet unknown. Intriguingly, the plane appears to have been painted white.

The image was found by an university student in Taiwan, according to Taiwan's China Times.
The image has surfaced at the same time as the news that Malaysian villagers claim to have seen the missing Malaysian Airlines jet flying over the north east of the country at around the time the aircraft is thought to have made a 'U-turn'.
At least nine people - tuna fishermen, farmers and villagers - in Kelantan have made reports to police about seeing lights in the sky and some said they heard the loud noise of an engine.
These accounts appear to match the conclusions of investigators who say the jet flew low to avoid radar after making a sharp turn and heading west from its course over the South China Sea.
Investigators told the New Straits Times that they were now convinced the aircraft flow low over the village, which is in the north east - exactly the same area where the villagers and fishermen who saw bright lights in the sky and heard noises on the night the jet vanished are living.
Investigators told a Malaysian newspaper that the Boeing 777 had dropped to a lower altitude - under 5,000ft - to avoid ground radar, using the surrounding terrain as a sonar barrier.
This type of flying is considered to be dangerous and risky, because it places tremendous pressure on the frame of the aircraft - and flying low at night without radar assistance could lead to the plane crashing into trees or mountains.
The first report of a 'bright light descending at high speed' came from Mr Alif Fathi Abdul Hadi, 29 who said he saw the light heading towards the South China Sea at 1.45am on the night the aircraft disappeared.
Businessman Mr Alif lives in Kampung Kadok, in the far north west of the Malaysian mainland, close to the southern border of Thailand - and the light he witnessed would have been several miles to the north of the flight path the jet was on before it vanished.

Lending credibility to the account by Mr Alif is the claim by fisherman Azid Ibrahim, 55, who saw a bright light streaking overhead at 1.30am on Saturday, about 100 miles south of where Mr Alif had seen the light.
Mr Alif told said the bright light was the type that aircraft use when taking off and landing at night - like a car uses its headlights.
'I was walking towards the rear of my house when I saw the light, and wondered where it was heading to,' he said.
'The airspace here is like a highway for aircraft and they usually travel in routine patterns.
'However, the light I saw was moving towards a completely different direction. It was going towards the sea, near Bachok (which lies to the south of Mr Alif's home).'
His description tends to indicate that if the light he saw was on the doomed aircraft, it had turned north instead of continuing on its regular north-easterly flight path.
Mr Alif said the aircraft he usually sees fly across the sky for as far as his eyes could see but the light he saw in the early hours of Saturday vanished from view behind a line of coconut trees.
While he thought nothing of it at the time, when he learned about the missing aircraft MH370 the following day he lodged a report with police.
Mr Alif's account tended to coincide with that of fisherman Mr Azid who told the New Straits Times: 'Usually, lights from an airplane look like distant stars at night but the one that I saw was big, as the aircraft was flying below the clouds.
'I followed the light for about five minutes before it disappeared.'
The Malaysian Airlines jet went missing 1.30am on Sunday, March 9. It is not yet known what has happened to the 239 passengers and crew on board.




April 27 2014: Pilot believes to have found MH370, West of Songkhla, Thailand
Michael Hoebel, from Tonawanda, New York spent hours trawling through pictures on TomNod.com, a website that shares satellite images
He has found images of what he believes to be the intact aircraft just off the northeast coast of Malaysia days after the crash
He has contacted the FBI and NTSB to share his findings
Read more


April 28 2014: Exploration company GeoResonance believes it may have found MH370
An Adelaide-based exploration company believes it may have located the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, 5000km away from where authorities have been looking. The company, GeoResonance, says its research has identified elements on the ocean floor at the Bay of Bengal consistent with material from a plane. Read more

    May 29 2014: Debris believed to be from aircraft found in seas off Sri Lanka's Aluthgama coast | Newsfirst Sri Lanka
The serial number (AN-210-6A) of a mysterious object believed to be an aircraft part has also been recovered by fishermen off the coast of Aluthgama. Police said that the debris was found trapped in a fishing net. According to the Police Media Unit, the fishermen handed over the debris to the police, who had then informed the Air Force of these findings. Investigations into the incident have commenced. Read more here (scroll)

Curtin researchers in search for acoustic evidence of MH370
MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday 4 June 2014

Curtin University researchers have used underwater sound recordings to come up with a possible estimate for where MH370 might have crashed into the Indian Ocean. read more



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