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Realtime interactive map for the positions of ships involved in the search
ADV OCEAN SHIELD Australia   FUGRO EQUATOR Netherlands   HAI XUN-01 China
Australian Warship Australia   HMS ECHO U.K   NAN HAI JIU 101 China
HMAS Toowoomba Australia   USN CESAR CHAVES U.S   DONG HAI JIU 101 China
Warship SUCCESS Australia       Zhu Kezhen China
HMAS Perth Australia       KD Lekiu RMN WARSHIP 30 Malaysia
Seahorse Standard Australia       Bunga Mas 9 Malaysia
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Latest AIS Live data showing the search for MH370 | Source | LIVE ShipTracking
Fugro | mh370.fugro
- Fugro Equator Capability by Design.pdf
- Fugro Equator Dataset.pdf
18 june 2014: Survey vessel Fugro Equator has commenced operations in a defined search area, joining Chinese PLA-Navy ship Zhu Kezhen in undertaking survey activities.
10 June 2014: The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) signed a contract with deep water survey company, Fugro Survey Pty Ltd (Fugro) on 10 June 2014, to conduct a bathymetric survey of the seafloor in the search area for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
* 29 May 2014: A single prime contractor will be chosen to bring together and manage the expertise, equipment and vessels to carry out the search. The request for tender will be done via AusTender, the Australian Government Tender System: www.tenders.gov.au
April 30 2014   MH370 search moves to underwater phase
  Today the air search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has officially ended, the Australian authorities have said, with all resources now focused on the underwater search. "Over the coming days the vessels that remain on standby for the search will transition to and from the search area," the Joint Coordination Centre announced. "A Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Orion also remains on standby in Perth. Other vessels and aircraft that have been engaged in the surface and aerial search will now transition to their respective national tasking." The US Navy autonomous underwater vehicle Bluefin-21 has completed a 314km² search where pings matching an aircraft emergency beacon were located.
April 25 2014 latest positions  

The search for missing flight MH370 continued today in the Indian Ocean to the west of Australia. Here the Chinese SAR vessels Hai Xun 01 and Nan Hai Jiu 101 are still working with the Malaysian frigate KD Lekiu, and Australian warship HMAS Toowoomba. To the south east of this group, the HMAS Success is seen returning to the area, following a lay-over in Fremantle. The Australian offshore support vessel Seahorse Standard appears to be leaving the area. This vessel has been out searching for signs of MH370 since leaving Fremantle on 1 April. Approaching the area from the north, is the Malaysian vessel Bunga Mas 9, a converted containership now operating as a support vessel for the Malaysian navy. The vessel is only 100 miles from the search area, and will have arrived in the area later today. To the north, the ADV Ocean Shield continues to search the seabed. The British Hydrographic vessel HMS Echo, is currently resupplying in Fremantle, and may rejoin the search. Source

    UPDATE: MH370 sub search nears completion The probe of the ocean floor where sounds thought to be from the missing flight MH370 black box were detected, is expected to be completed today. To date, no visible sign of the aircraft has been detected above or below the ocean. Wreckage that washed up on the Western Australian coast this week has been discounted. Yesterday the Australian Transport Safety Bureau announced it had examined photos of the debris at first thought to be that of MH370. ATSB, however, now say they are confident there is no match. Today the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has planned a visual search area totaling 49,249sq kilometres, approximately 1,584 kilometres northwest of Perth.
April 22 2014 latest positions  
  HMAS Success and Dong Hai Jiu 101 have now left the area, HMAS Success returning to Fremantle, while the Chinese search & rescue vessel has headed back up through to the Java Sea. The American replenishment ship Cesar Chavez has returned to the area, to support the vessels engaged in the search in the Indian Ocean. ADV Ocean Shield and HMAS Perth continue to scan the seabed to the north, while HMS Echo has now left the area, and it appears to be heading for the naval base at Fremantle. Out in the western search area, Seahorse Standard, HMAS Toowoomba, Hai Xun 01, Nan Hai Jiu 101 and Malaysian warship KD Lekiu continue to search. Source
April 17 2014 latest positions  
  The search for missing flight MH370 continued today, in a larger area to the west of Australia, deep in the Indian Ocean.
Chinese search & rescue ships Dong Hai Jiu 101 and Nan Hai Jiu 101 are working with the Australian replenishment ship HMAS Success, frigate HMAS Perth and offshore support vessel Seahorse Standard.
To the north east, the HMAS Toowoomba is working around 100 miles to the south west of the British hydrographic vessel HMS Echo and Australian ADV Ocean Shield, which continue to search for signs of the black box.
Malaysian frigate KD Lekiu and Chinese search & rescue ship Hai Xun 01 which formed part of the search operation are now lying in Fremantle and Albany respectively. Source
April 15 2014 latest positions  
  A fleet of ships continued the search for missing flight MH370 today off the coast of western Australia. - Over the past 24 hours, the group consisting of the Chinese search & rescue ships Nan Hai Jiu 101 and Dong Hai Jiu 101, along with Australian warships HMAS Success, HMAS Perth and offshore support vessel Seahorse Standard have moved south, while HMAS Toowoomba has joined the ADV Ocean Shield and HMS Echo to the east, in the search for the black box beacon, AIS Live data showed.
Following the replenishment of the Australian fleet over the weekend, the US replenishment ship Cesar Chavez continues her course to Fremantle, along with the Malaysian frigate KD Lekiu. The Hai Xun 01 has arrived in Albany today, following a month searching the Indian Ocean. Source
    April 15 2014 UPDATE: Underwater search for MH370 cut short
Eleven ships and 11 aircraft assisted in today's search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as the autonomous underwater vehicle Bluefin began its search for wreckage on the ocean floor. The underwater search, however, was aborted early. The AUV was deployed last night from the ADV Ocean Shield, the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) announced this morning by way of a statement. After completing around six hours of its 16-hour mission, Bluefin-21 exceeded its 4.5km operating depth limit. Its built-in safety feature returned it to the surface, the JACC said. Data gathered by the unmanned submarine is currently being extracted and analysed before the Bluefin-21 is redeployed
April 14 2014 latest positions  
  Latest data from AIS Live shows the movement of ships involved in the search for missing flight MH370. Over the weekend Hai Xun 01 left the search area, along with Malaysian frigate KD Lekiu, with both now making for Fremantle. HMS Echo and ADV Ocean Shield continue their underwater search, 550nm to the west of Australia, while out in the designated search box, the Chinese vessels Nan Hai Jiu 101, Dong Hai Jiu 101 and the Australian warships HMAS Perth, HMAS Toowoomba and HMAS Success continue the search operation. The US Sealift vessel, Cesar Chavez passed through the area during the weekend, with a close pass of the Ocean Shield and HMS Echo during Sunday, and now appears to be heading for Fremantle Source
April 11 2014 latest positions   New ships join the search
  The search for any signs on the surface of MH370 continues in the western section. The US Naval vessel Cesar Chavez, a Lewis and Clarke class support ship has now entered the area, accompanying the Australian warships HMAS Perth, HMAS Toowoomba, the replenishment ship HMAS Success, as well as the Chinese search vessels Nan Hai Jiu 115, Hai Xun 01 and Dong Hai Jiu 101.
The Malaysian frigate KD Lekiu is also still in this area.
To the east, the Australian ADV Ocean Shield and Royal Naval Hydrographic ship, HMS Echo continue their underwater search. Source
April 10 2014 latest positions  
  The search continues in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia. The HMS Echo is now moving back to the north east and is in a position around 80 miles south west of the ADV Ocean Shield. HMAS Toowoomba is also now working in the area, whilst to the western edge of the scene, the HMAS Perth and HMAS Success are in close proximity. The Hai Xun 01 has moved from her position in the southern region, and has now moved up the north western edge of the zone, north of the Australian replenishment ship. From the north, the American Lewis and Clarke class replenishment ship Cesar Chavez, and the Chinese search and rescue ships Hai Xun 31 and Nan Hai Jiu 101 are positioned south of Christmas Island, and appear to be ready to support the search efforts. Source
April 9 2014 latest positions  
  The HMS Echo, Hai Xun 01 and Dong Hai Jiu 101 have now all moved apart, after working in close formation, with approximately 20 miles between them.
ADV Ocean Shield continues to search further north, whilst to the west the Australian and Malaysian warships are working in formation.
HMAS Toowoomba has now broken away from the pack, and appears to be heading back to Australia. Source
April 8 2014 latest positions  
  The Australian support vessel ADV Ocean Shield continues to search in an area around 320 miles to the north east of the other underwater search group, comprising of the British HMS Echo and Chinese Hai Xun 01 and Dong Hai Jiu 101. To the north of this group, the fleet comprising of Australian warships, HMAS Perth, HMAS Toowoomba, HMAS Success, the civilian Seahorse Standard, the Malaysian KD Lekiu and the Chinese Nan Hai Jiu 115 continue their search. (source)
April 8 2014 - MarineTraffic assists in search for MH370 (read more)
AIS facility, MarineTraffic has opened up its satellite-AIS service in the search area relevant to the missing MH370 airliner. Following requests from numerous agencies and individuals, this usually paid-for service has now been made available to any user free of charge. MarineTraffic MD Demitris Memos said: "Like most people around the world, we have taken an active interest in the search for this aircraft. With the battery life of the black box apparently nearing exhaustion, it is clearly necessary for everyone to do what they can to assist. Opening up our satellite tracking facility in the search area will help the watching world keep abreast of the search and, we hope, provide some assistance to those conducting operations in the area." The Australian operations centre will also have access to the facility to help them build a more comprehensive picture of non-search vessels transiting the area.
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#MH370: latest positions from AIS Live | Closeup
(HMS ECHO & ADV Ocean Shield)

MH370: Our insight following detected pulses

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April 4 2014 latest positions    
  Latest AIS Live data showing the search for MH370, Apr 4. Image: IHS
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