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Exploration company GeoResonance believes it may have found MH370

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Exploration company GeoResonance believes it may have found MH370 in the Bay of Bengal 28 April 2014



An Adelaide-based exploration company believes it may have located the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, 5000km away from where authorities have been looking.

The company, GeoResonance, says its research has identified elements on the ocean floor consistent with material from a plane.


Six weeks have now passed since the plane disappeared and extensive searches in the Indian Ocean have failed to locate any wreckage.

Today, Prime Minister Tony Abbott admitted the chance of finding debris on the surface is slim to none.
He said efforts will not focus on the ocean floor.

But GeoResonance believes authorities have been looking in the wrong place. It started its own search for the missing aircraft on March 10.

The technology that we use was originally designed to find nuclear warheads, submarines… our team in the Ukraine decided we should try and help,” David Pope from GeoResonance said.

The company surveyed over 2,000,000 square kilometres of the possible crash zone, using images obtained from satellites and aircraft.

Scientists focused their efforts north of the flight's last known location, using over 20 technologies to analyse the data including a nuclear reactor.

They could not believe what they found in the Bay of Bengal.

Our team was very excited when we found what we believe to be the wreckage of a commercial airliner,” Mr Pope said.

Pavel Kursa from GeoResonance told 7News: “We identified chemical elements and materials that make up a Boeing 777… these are aluminium, titanium, copper, steel alloys and other materials.

UPDATE: Tuesday 29 April 2014

Tuesday 29 April 2014

GeoResonance Press Release

GeoResonance Pty Ltd (“GeoResonance”), a South Australian company and its team of scientists have invested considerable resources into the search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The only motivation is to help the families of the missing passengers and crew, knowing the company has the technology capable of the task.

GeoResonance has discovered what they believe to be the wreckage of a commercial aircraft. The wreckage is located approximately 190km south of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal. The wreckage is sitting on the seabed approximately 1000m to 1100m from the surface. The company is not declaring this is MH370, however it should be investigated.

The search was completed using proven technology. In the past, it had been successfully applied to locate submersed structures, ships, munitions and aircraft. In some instances objects that were buried under layers of silt could not be identified by other means. At present the technology is being used with great success in the mining exploration industry.

In order to identify and locate subsurface substances, GeoResonance Remote Sensing analyses super-weak electromagnetic fields captured by airborne multispectral images. During the search for MH370, GeoResonance searched for chemical elements that make up a Boeing 777: aluminium, titanium, copper, steel alloys, jet fuel residue, and several other substances. The aim was to find a location where all those elements were present.

GeoResonance commenced the search before the official Search and Rescue operation moved to the Southern Indian Ocean. The multi-discipline team of 23 researchers, including 5 professors and 12 PhDs got involved in the project. The search used the imagery taken on March 10, 2014, and was conducted consecutively in 4 zones north and northwest of Malaysia, until all targeted elements produced an anomaly in one place in the Bay of Bengal.

GeoResonance completed analysis of multispectral imagery of the location taken on March 5, 2014. It established that the anomaly had appeared between the 5th and 10th of March 2014.

The approximate location was passed onto Malaysian Airlines and the Malaysian and Chinese Embassies in Canberra, Australia, on March 31, 2014. It was well before the black box batteries had expired. These details were also passed onto the Australian authorities (JACC) in Perth on April 4, 2014. A more detailed study was completed in early April. The final 23 page report including the precise location of the wreckage was passed onto Malaysian Airlines, Malaysian High Commission in Canberra, Chinese Embassy in Canberra, and the Australian authorities (JACC) on April 15, 2014.

The Company and its Directors are surprised by the lack of response from the various authorities. This may be due to a lack of understanding of the Company's technological capabilities, or the JACC is extremely busy, or the belief that the current search in the Southern Indian Ocean is the only plausible location of the wreckage.

The people involved in the Channel 7 Adelaide News interview were Mr Pavel Kursa, GeoResonance CEO, Mr David Pope GeoResonance Director and CEO of Tellus Resources Mr Carl Dorsch. Mr Dorsch was involved as a client reference for the technology. The company Directors are not seeking publicity, they only want to bring the results to the attention of the authorities. The Directors feel a moral obligation to help bring closure for the families of the 239 passengers and crew of flight MH370 by releasing the findings, so the authorities can investigate.

(Air Traffic Management)


Update 29 April 2014
The images + description
The GeoResonance search team scanned the ocean floor for metals found in commercial planes. This image shows the results for aluminium (left) and titanium (right)
The scan showed metal deposits consistent with a large plane. This second image shows the results for copper (left) and engine alloys (right)
This image shows the results for hydrocarbons (left) and steel alloys (right). All six scans came from the same location, 118 miles off the coast of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal
A map provided by GeoResonance on April 29, 2014, shows the location, indicated with a yellow icon, where the company located materials it believes are consistent with the "wreckage of a commercial airliner," in the Bay of Bengal, about 100 miles south of Bangladesh.

Tech firm GeoResonance claims its sensor technology has found the wreckage of a plane in the Bay of Bengal, 118 miles south of Bangladesh.

The company said images taken of the same spot five days earlier showed it had appeared between the 5th and 10th of March 2014. The plane disappeared on March 8.

'The company is not declaring this is MH370, however it should be investigated,' GeoResonance said in a statement.

The company's director, David Pope, said he only went public with the information after he felt the authorities were disregarding it.

'We're a large group of scientists, and we were being ignored, and we thought we had a moral obligation to get our findings to the authorities,' he told CNN on April 29 2014.

GeoResonance typically uses remote sensing technology to look for oil, gas and mineral deposits.

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Interview with David Pope of GeoResonance

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GeoResonance Press Releases


Research 28 April 2014 - by Bookofresearch:


Bay of Bengal - Interactive Map with wind direction - MarineTraffic (Live Ship Tracking)

March 14 2014 - 2 possible Flight Paths
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  March 8 2014 8.30 a.m. (2.30pm Malaysian time): Sighting claim: from passenger of flight SV2058 from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur flying over Indian Ocean - after the plane flew past the southern Indian city of Chennai, she saw a silverly object what looked like an aeroplane, like the tail and wing of an aircraft on the water in the ocean. The aircraft had what looked like floats on its side but a large part of it was under water. she did not know the exact spot where but said it was an hour or more out of Chennai, a timeline that would have put her flight just over the Andaman islands. read more | location on google map
  • SV 2058 is an international flight departing from Jeddah airport, Saudi Arabia (JED) and arriving at Kuala Lumpur airport, Malaysia (KUL).
  • The flight distance is 4387 miles, or 7060 km.
  • The timezone of the departure airport is UTC+3 , and the timezone of the arrival airport is UTC+8 . Current time at the point of departure is 8:24pm , and 1:24am at the point of arrival. There is a 5 hour time difference between the airports.
  • For direct flights, the flight time is 8:55.

Note: The March 8 2014 8.30 a.m. sighting is near Waypoint IGREX N9°43.47' E94°24.99' which is on route P628 that would take it over the Andaman Islands and which carriers use to fly towards Europe.


The currents could've spread debris to Bay of Bengal (see image left) ànd the Strait of Malacca - North coast of Sumatra:

Tides—Currents.—The flood sets E on the N coast of
Sumatera and the ebb W, rarely exceeding 2 knots at springs.
3.1 At neaps, they are sometimes imperceptible, except at the points or over banks and narrow channels.
3.1 The currents are affected by the constant current out of the Strait of Malacca, which takes a W direction along the N coast through Sempitan Malaka (Malacca Passage). The currents pass through Selat Benggala (Bengal Passage); for the greater part of the year the ebb current is longer and stronger than the flood current.
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* March 8 2014: Sighting Claim: I think I saw Flight MH370 - Sailoress crossing the Indian Ocean from Cochin, India to Phuket, Thailand, saw a burning plane with a trail of black smoke behind it going North to South at approx the last part of her track Source | Forum Discussion | Details
* March 11 2014, 12p.m Sighting Claim: A group of fishermen found a life raft bearing the word “Boarding” 10 nautical miles from Port Dickson town at 12pm (Straits of Malacca) - New Straits Times
(Currents Port Dickson)

* March 12 2014, 10.am. Fishermen Find Bodies in the waterway - Batu Bara, North Sumatra on March 12 2014 The unidentified body has been in the ocean for 2 days. Its a male body wearing shirts, blue jeans and no shoes. It's not a fisherman. Its unclear if he's related to the missing plane. (News DeTik)
* March 16 2014: Debris found at Straits of Malacca by Elka Athina, a barge heading to Suez was alerted by Indonesian authorities over radio, warning them that they were ‘approaching a field of debris' (floating suitcases), the tanker had sailed passed the debris field at about 9.30pm March 16 2014 (Malaysia Time) + A twitter user, Richard Barrow, posted a satellite image of ‘a potential crash site' and ‘possible floating seats' on the surface of the ocean at coordinate 5°39'08.0"N 98°50'38.0"E.
( New Straits Times)

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29 May 2014: Debris believed to be from aircraft found in seas off Sri Lanka's Aluthgama coast | Newsfirst Sri Lanka | Published 29 May 2014



The serial number (AN-210-6A) of a mysterious object believed to be an aircraft part has also been recovered by fishermen off the coast of Aluthgama.

Police said that the debris was found trapped in a fishing net.

According to the Police Media Unit, the fishermen handed over the debris to the police, who had then informed the Air Force of these findings. Investigations into the incident have commenced.

Research by Bookofresearch:

This image shows an Aircraft Cable Pulley Set of 2 Airplane Control AN-210-6A Phenolic


Approx location of found object on google map

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